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What's New

Line & Blob Paintings

Gesture ink lines with amorphous shapes in watercolor.

Gold Series

Mixed media paintings are predominantly watercolor subjects adjoining acrylic metallic backgrounds that are overlaid with watercolor

markings. Most are 29" x 35" framed.

Gold Series and Line & Blob Paintings

Monochrome Photographs

Color removed and replaced with neutral tones to emphasize shapes, tones and textures.


Monochromes- Touch with Your Eyes

Cut Outs

Cut Outs

Cut Out paintings and photographs have been transformed into images with flattened shapes. The simplification of the colors and shapes make for powerful expressions of the subject matter, much like silk-screen prints . These are available in any size. The original paintings are executed in latex colors on large gallery-wrapped canvases, but can also be custom-ordered as giclee reproductions on paper or canvas.


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